Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol. II: An Appreciation

This album will play thousands of years from now when nature has reclaimed the earth and only faint memories of the human species remain. It will play as an alien race descends from their crafts and finds lost traces of cities that once were. These are only some of the situations that this album conjures up. It is also perfect for listening while: waiting for a flight, driving late at night, exploring an ancient temple in the depths of the jungle, wandering around the MET museum while looking at the artifacts, studying through sleepless nights, getting lost in the Tibetan mountains, looking at the stars, laying on the living room couch and at the ceiling, sleeping, and of course, wandering through a power station on acid.

When I take a piece of crusty sleep from my eye and stick it to an airplane window

When I walk through the West Village at 8:00 in early spring and I see the moon.

Thank you Richard James for this beautiful, haunting, timeless, and forever enigmatic music; the soundtrack to all our dreams.