Nirvana's In Utero- An Appreciation

This is the sound of decay. When you take a big hit of pot and you feel your lungs burning and you inexplicably cough up blood.

There is blood splattered on the walls and cum stains on the sheets

The guitars on this album are fucking corrosive

Can't decide if it feels like flushing out a virus from your body or getting sicker 

I feel the mucus building in my throat as i listen to the maggots eating 

The walls breaking

And yet this is a throughly entertaining album, and it rocks a lot harder than the fucking Black Keys or another "rock band" safe for the whole family. It's fun I promise enter the American corporate wasteland we've got some great elevator music for you... How but some Maroon Five? Or some Fall Out Boy? Some Coldplay? 

No thanks, I'll take some Nirvana In Utero; you can go fuck your self.


Thought: most people don't like punk music. Most people don't like to be spit on.